Trustworthy, reliable and professional certified techs now serving St. Louis, St. Charles and surrounding areas. We're here to help you get a greener, thicker and weed free lawn!

St. Louis & St. Charles Lawn Care Professionals

Aeration, Seeding, & Dry Fertilizer - Guaranteed Weed Control!

Network Of Lawns is a small, local company with 17+ years in business. We focus on improving the look of your lawn and also increasing your property value.


Lawn Care

Network Of Lawns provides professional lawn care and maintenance services throughout the greater St. Louis and St. Charles areas. We understand the time and effort it takes to keep your lawn looking its very best. Let us provide you with the lawn care your property needs. 

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Seeding is available to improve overall density and help rid weeds from the lawn thicker the lawn the less weeds we have use a highly recommended seed that is certified and guaranteed to germinate.

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Core Aeration

Recommended at least once a year great for seeding process to break up compacted soil. This allows water and nutrients to penetrate easier, generate a great seed bed, and break down thatch layer. Call us today for a FREE service quote.

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Pest Control

To maintain a healthy lawn, we also offer additional pest control services including grub control, insect control, mosquito control and flea and tic application.

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Professional & Punctual Team

Jeremy S.

"Great family owned company. If your looking for a great lawn care company with the knowledge, equipment and experience to help you build a lawn you can be proud of and the communication to help you feel better about the process then look no further. I highly recommend Tom and his team at Network of Lawns."

Quality Lawn Care Services At A Value

Mary Beth S.

"Network of Lawns has done a magnificent job on my yard...both front and back! It used to be so weed infested and very little grass. Reasonable pricing too. Love the work they have done!!"

Always On Time!

Shane W.

"Always on time! I used to have the worst lawn on the street and now I got all my neighbors to use network of lawns to catch up to me!"

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